Kidde Fire Extinguishers Recall – 11/2/2017


On November 2, 2017, Kidde recalled approximately 40 million fire extinguishers nationwide. The recall includes fire extinguishers manufactured from 1973 until 2017. The fire extinguishers have been recalled due to failure to discharge. and there have been multiple accounts of fire extinguishers not working during emergencies. The recalled fire extinguishers may become clogged or fail to activate when needed to put out a fire. If you have a Kidde fire extinguisher with a plastic handle it is possible that it has been recalled.

Participants of the Healthy Neighborhoods Program in Tompkins County may have received one of these recalled fire extinguishers during a home visit. It is important to check your fire extinguisher and to call Kidde if you believe you have a recalled model. The Healthy Neighborhoods Program distributes about 300 fire extinguishers per year.

To determine if your fire extinguisher has been recalled, call Kidde directly at their toll-free number 855-271-0773, click this link to see the PDF recall information Kidde Recall, or or online at and click “Product Safety Recall.” If your fire extinguisher has been recalled, Kidde will provide you with a free replacement and provide instructions on what to do with your recalled fire extinguisher.